Flinders University Carpark Management System and Solar Array

TSDB have recently undertaken a series of commercial projects for Flinders University across their Bedford Park campus under a negotiated design and construct capacity. These projects include, the full design, engineering and installation of large
electronic Car Park LED signs with associated services infrastructure, the installation of additional full campus WI-FI coverage, civil rework to 14,000m2 carpark, Installation of a 1.1Mw elevated solar array over the carpark and rework of second carpark and construction of Inverter Building to support the solar project.

Flinders University Carpark Management System and Solar Array


The first project being the carpark signage, incorporates all new entry sensor loops at the 22 carparks across the campus, electronic pillar boxes with campus wide in ground electrical support infrastructure and coordination of an extensive signage package which was engineered and fabricated in Sydney. TSDB were responsible for the coordination of the works as well as undertaking some of the civil works associated with the signs and electrical conduits. The final delivery of this project also provides the University of real time data on the number of cars in each of the 22 carparks which house 5,000 carparks. This data is then utilised on their public website for information on available carparks and the introduction of an App for Students, Staff and visitors to assist with real time navigation to the closest and available carparks. The other series of works included early contractor involvement to finalise the design requirements and construction methodology planning for both the complete resurfacing and civil stormwater replacement to a 14,000 m2 carpark but to also excavate and place 92 footings to support the 92 T-frame structural steel supports for the 1.1MW solar array. TSDB carried out the civil work ourselves which included the removal of extensive amounts of rock in the substantial footings. We also assembled and installed the carpark overhead structure, installed the support purlins and the coordination of the 4,000 solar panels that have been installed. The final phase of these works is 2 new entries off of Ring Road into the adjacent carpark and early contractor involvement to finalise the design, planning and construction of the new inverter room to house the new HV switchboard and 36 inverters for the Solar Project.

Client History

TSDB through early contractor involvement and working collaboratively with the 3 project teams at Flinders University across these series of projects being conducted concurrently, have provided a best for project approach and result which has offered Flinders University a safe pair of hands to partner with in the delivery of these successful projects.