JB Books

Moss Avenue, Marleston, SA

Property Use

New build, 2 storey Office & Warehouse development

Contract Type

Design & Construct

The JB Books development is one TSDB were involved in from inspection and were responsible for the initial feasibility study in terms of land evaluation and orientation for solar control. The final design was to achieve a crisp two storey office warehouse development which meets JB books growing needs. The warehouse at the back of the development is utilised for storage of books with work areas for processing and packaging.

JB Books


A combination of large on site tilt-up panels to provide optimum value for money with structural steel roof framing, designed and manufactured in TSDBs Steel workshop. Large expanses of glass to the North with all doors and window frames manufactured and installed by TSDB.

Client History

JB books approached us as they wanted to a development similar to our offices, which we designed and built, and they were looking to move into new premises in the Richmond area. So they approached TSDB regarding this possible development and we took it from there to turn key handover.