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Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

EBC Auditorium

Edwardstown Baptist Church was established in the area as far back as 1904, and moved to the current location in 1988 when they purchased the Primary School located on Dorene Street from the government. Since this time the church membership has increased and the premise is utilised 7 days a week.

This led to the need to increase the size of the building which was being used as a community centre into a significant auditorium which TSDB took on as a complete Design and Construct project delivery.

This modern auditorium provides for large capacity seating including a large second level of seating in the form of a suspended 9 row balcony section. The seating and isle widths are generous to provide both comfort and less requirements for isles, hence maximising the usable space. The seating sections are curved and smart engineered acoustics has been incorporated in to the design to provide ideal reverberation and reduction in echo, for optimum use of this multipurpose space.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Country Classic

Built on South Road, this development includes for a 2 storey 100m long building of some 6,000m2 including 500m2 of amenities. The facility provides for onsite parking for 70 cars and a series of awnings and façade fenestration to the internal elevations of the development.

Originating as a design and construct project for Country Classic furniture, TSDB performed the complete construction including the coordination and erecting of all the 2 storey tilt up panels of some 450 linear meters.

The project also includes 2 lifts and large internal stairs leading up to 2 wings of balconies at the central internal entry.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Compliant Fire

Another Commercial development by TSDB for a client looking to meet their growing business needs. We were involved from initial land evaluation through to final delivery of a completed operating building. The brief required for a high clearance factory with wash bay and work facilities for fire services systems. This was another project born out of an appreciation of our current facilities and the idea to maximise office floor space by locating over 2 levels with some under croft car parking to one end.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Cedar Administration and Resource Centre

The new multi-use facilities at Cedar College featured a two storey administration and resource building, which contains the senior schools administration, resource centre, canteen, medical centre, flexible learning areas and computer suites.

This functional designed educational building features a link to existing facilities, a welcoming entry facade and spacious balcony area overlooking the expansive oval which is used for both sporting and community events.

Internally the design has included for a cranked grid to the offices and administration areas, which has maximised the use of natural light penetration into the building, made the transition spaces usable rather than typical institutional oppressive corridors. This initiative has created more useable space and resulted in greater efficiencies around reduced circulation spaces.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Cash Flow Manager

With Cash Flow Manager a growing business looking to update or build new facilities for their business at Edwardstown, TSDB were engaged to assist the client to making best use of their current site. After some reviews and analysis, this resulted in a new design and build of a 2 storey open plan office building with under croft parking linked to a new warehouse.

The final product included for internal stair and balcony to the warehouse from the office and secure perimeter to the property. Value for money with simple modern design was the design brief which we have delivered to the satisfaction of the client through a complete in house design and construct solution.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Blakes Crossing Christian School

TSDB have been engaged from the outset to develop this large 24,000m2 green field site and manage the master planning and future proofing of the site. This includes for a brand new Junior Primary School, with future Middle and Senior School as well as future Commercial developments in Multi-purpose Centre and Retail Development.

We have managed the site preparation and services design provision to site and the works included the relocation of over 20,000m3 of soil and levelled the site.

TSDB coordinated the design and construction of the new 3 storey Junior Primary School buildings and were responsible for all aspects of this first building stage including all Planning Approval and Building Rules Consent.

TSDB have been instrumental in ensuring that our clients are getting both the best possible value for money in respect to the first delivery of buildings and associated external car parking, landscaping and services augmentation to site, as well as overall site maximisation and future proofing for the following stages. We delivered a 1 stop D&C delivery solution for this project, which we are worked very closely with Lend Lease to deliver as part of the overall Blake’s Crossing development.

Sunday, 26 October 2014 00:00

Apex Communications Development

This project was a double title development which TSDB put together from the outset including sourcing the land, organising the sub-division, all Planning and Development approvals and coordinating the design development. The end result were two 10m high warehouses totalling 1,100m2 and associated two storey offices of 582m2 each. There are also external works and hard stand pavement areas as part of the project.

Tonkin Schutz Design Build manage and perform every step of your design and construction project in-house - from site selection and feasibility studies, to applying the last coat of paint. We even fabricate our own steel, concrete panels and aluminum windows

The works were to a very tight schedule, with many intricate construction details for my equipment to sit within, to which Tonkin Schutz designed and constructed well. I recommend Tonkin Schutz for future construction projects and can vouch for their integrity and quality of workmanship.
- Martyn Manuel, Managing Director
Fibrelogic Pipe Systems Pty Ltd

Tonkin Schutz design build manage and perform every step of your design and construction project in-house - from site selection and feasibility studies, to applying the last coat of paint. We even fabricate our own steel, concrete panels and aluminum windows

With a long -term approach to design, Tonkin Schutz were able to develop a solution that considered design, with intelligence and flexibility. Enabling us to meet both our immediate and future needs.
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