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Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Hope Christian College

Design & Construction of a Multi-faceted Educational and Community Facility of some 8,000m2 including:

• 1000 seat Auditorium with ancillary meeting and amenity rooms

• 200 seat Café with Internal Child Play area & Bookshop.

• Commercial Kitchen & amenities

• Gymnasium including indoor Basketball, PE rooms, Amenities & Change rooms

• 3 Storey Administration, Resource Centre and General Learning Areas

• 2 Storey Science, Language and GLA building with Lift and suspended links to adjacent buildings

• Extensive Demolition, Earthworks and Site works.

This two storey building comprises of Music Tuition, Recording Studio, Media Centre, Recital Area, General Learning Areas, Staff room and Computer Suites.

This practical building was designed to stand out from the street elevation but blend in with the other existing buildings when viewed from its courtyard elevation. The central Recital Area has become the hub for meetings and entertainment for the school and the expansive balcony allows for the students to flow unimpeded around the adjacent school buildings.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Temple Christian College Administration

The existing school operated from small transportable buildings with one small single story permanent general learning area building, the school had out grown it existing faculties and need to expand. The main areas of expansion were to add a number of admin work areas, increase the number of General learning areas and create an effective street presence.

The decision to use a red feature panel was added to give character to the façade and an interesting focal point to the streetscape. Operable walls we used between classrooms providing the ultimate flexibility for teaching purposes. The use of large window allows abundant of natural light to penetrate into the building. The balcony connected to the general learning classroom enjoy a courtyard with a prominent landscape feature, of the Christian fish symbol planter boxes swimming in a circle that is used for seating.

TSDB worked closely with the client we were able to deliver the school a quality building for a good value, and provided strategic advice and assistance for master planning and staging for the site.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Sunrise Christian School, Fullarton

TSDB were engaged for the full refurbishment and new works associated with Sunrise’s Fullarton Campus. The site presented many challenges including the need for additional car parking on an already congested site as well as encumbrances around significant trees which were to be retained and the protection of old buildings, which were to be incorporated into this modern upgrade.

The solution was to embrace these restrictions and incorporate them into the design rather than turn our back on them and this has resulted in some interesting design and spaces. The new works included a new 2 storey building with class rooms and a modern angled single storey wing which houses the new kitchen facilities and creates transitional spaces between the old and new.

This juxtaposition created by overlapping the new with the carefully preserved past has resulted in a successful series of spaces which not only cater for the functional and practical needs of the client but also enhance the built environment in which they are contained and stimulate the occupants and maximize the potential for creating thinking and learning.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

St. Peter’s Lutheran Primary School

TSDB were engaged to deliver the St. Peters Lutheran Primary School a new building at Blackwood, designed by Tim Geue Built Design. Working closely with the Architects we were able to deliver the school a quality build for a good value, during a market that was busy with school building projects being rolled out across the State.

This unique project provides for maximised floor space suspended out over a sloping landscape. The construction consists of a large steel portal frame with various boxed out ‘pop-outs’ from the façade and cladding line. 

The final cladding solution is a combination of brickwork, lightweight cladding and aluminium and glazing. The new works consisted of 2 new classrooms, library extensions and multipurpose space. The final product is one that TSDB are proud of and one which the final users are delighted with.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

JB Books

The JB Books development is one TSDB were involved in from inspection and were responsible for the initial feasibility study in terms of land evaluation and orientation for solar control. The final design was to achieve a crisp two storey office warehouse development which meets JB books growing needs. The warehouse at the back of the development is utilised for storage of books with work areas for processing and packaging.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Hallett Cove East Primary School

TSDB was engaged to deliver a new single story general learning building and two coalers with a combined area of 1600m2 and relocate two existing playgrounds as part of the schools physical education curriculum and the Building Education Revolution Government school projects.

Using a blend of conventional building materials such as contrasting face brickwork, cfc cladding, timber screen walls, colorbond wall and roof sheeting, making this blend into existing urban setting while provides a modern contemporary finish. Sliding doors between classrooms provide ultimate flexibility for teaching purposes. Bi fold doors between a 25m2 pergola that forms an outdoor learning area and provide natural light and ventilation.

Environmentally friendly features are present in this project, such as rainwater harvesting from the roof and stored in polyethylene water tanks and used for irrigation. Maximising the lawn areas including releveling the existing site to improve site drainage and to reduce storm water runoff. High level automated glazed louvers encourage cooling breezes and ventilation, the use of solar panels making this building self-sufficient.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00


This project is the Design & Construction of complex Industrial Facility including fit out of Industrial Machinery within the 5315m2 Factory.

TSDB also constructed the 2 Hydro Test Pits, which measure at 25m long x 4m deep. We also performed the extensive civil works on the 5 hectare site. Also included is a 2 storey 1547m2 Office with large 2 storey glass entry across one of the corners. 

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Garon Plastics

This development is one that TSDB put together to meet the future needs of a growing business which was looking to expand their factory process. The project included site optimisation which takes into consideration the needs of the manufacturing based business. The final design included for a processing plant with injection moulding, packaging of goods and delivery and dispatch requirements.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

Erudina Avenue Development

Erudina Avenue is our head office, which incorporates two, 2 storey office blocks and large structural steel workshops, relocating out of Arabrie Avenue around the corner within the same precinct. Being our own development, this functional building was designed to have a strong presence from the street and over time the existing buildings around have taken the same approach (2 of them built by TSDB) to maximise street frontage & onsite parking which has now created an avenue of consistent development along Erudina.

This development is designed to make best use of the available land for maximum return on investment as well as façade frontage and day lighting into the offices. The development also includes a large steel fabrication and plant workshop, 2 under croft areas with associated 2 storey office buildings. The offices include foyers and reception voids, open office layout areas on the first floor, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, lunch rooms to ground level and food prep areas to the first floor and feature stairs. Administration areas and work and supplier meeting areas have also been created at ground level.

Internally the finishes have been deliberately selected to emphasise construction detailing and use of our standard level of finishes for our commercial projects, such as in-house fabricated powder coated balustrades with patch-fitted glass in-fills, timber stairs, feature timber doors, timber wrap partitions defining meeting spaces, as well as some highlights such as the 2-pak finish to the entire 2 storey precast wall which runs up through the double height entry atrium.

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