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Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

Southern Vales Trade Training


TSDB were engaged to deliver the Southern Vales Christian College new trade training centre at Aldinga, designed by Kilpatrick Architecture.

The unique project provides commercial kitchen facilities and a dining area for patrons. It is also designed to handle busy periods with ease, with clear thoroughfares and well-defined spaces.

The final cladding solution is a combination of precast and tilt-up concrete panels, light weight horizontal mini orb cladding and aluminium and glazing. Again much of this being designed, fabricated and installed all by TSDB employees with our own materials and labour.


Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

Sunrise Naracoorte

TSDB was engaged to deliver a new general learning building to a new school site and move the existing admin transportable building & playground equipment from their existing premises.

The skillion roofline enhances the external facade to provide a strong angular aesthetic with clean lines. A central courtyard allows for sunlight to penetration and complemented by a large lawn play area for the students. The use of large windows provides solar access through-out the day and allows natural ventilation for optimum room temperature.

Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

Cedar College Gymnasium

This project was under the funding for the “primary schools for the 21st century” elements of the Australian Government’s National building program.

This functional double court Gymnasium provides sporting facilities that enhances the school’s Physical Education curriculum and extra-curricular sports such as after school sport. It also available for out of school hours use by the community, and services the adjacent Vickers Vimy Reserve and oval which is used by the local community for recreation and organised sports.

The single story change, toilets and multi-purpose areas radiate off the gymnasium with the use of large windows that maximises the views of adjacent Vickers Reserve and oval, as well as bring the outdoors in and flood the entire rooms with natural light.

Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

Sunrise Paradise

The scope for this project was to design & construct a two storey junior primary school to a newly purchased land and relocate existing infrastructure to the new site, the design had to allow for future staging so a master plan was undertaken.

The front façade is made up of large cantilever floor areas that add protection of the weather elements for parents and students waiting at the carpark, but it also give the building a unique and modern layout.

The use of large windows to the exterior let in plenty of natural light with views of Campbelltown memorial oval and to play areas to allow for easy supervision. For the teachers, there is a staff room with stylish kitchen facilities & large windows that allow plenty of natural light in offering a break from the vibrancy of learning spaces.

Feature include splashes of red and teal fee flowing curved walls, raked ceilings, highlight windows, perforated ceiling to foyer & open areas throughout and crafted onsite stainless steel post and handrails and glass balustrade. The entire roof area is also used for rain collection to underground water tank; the water is then used for irrigation & toilet systems to reduce overall running costs.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00


Sleek and timeless blend of timber, spider glass, alucobond, and painted masonry all create a stunning visual retail facility appropriate for an outlet marketing high end commercial furniture.

Polished concrete floors, integration of rustic steel with crisp clean finishes. Hardwood Timber staircases, architectural lighting and detailing synchronises the spaces together to form a harmonious and dramatic elegance.

The project required to overcome the difficult planning restrictions to deliver a retail outlet that optimises the restrictive land use and provides an efficient and cost effective solution.

The whole project was designed and built in-house by TSDB including pre-fabricating the timber and alucobond signage walls.

Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00


This project involved the Design and Construction of an industrial facility in the Defence SA Precinct. The buildings were built on re-claimed land with extensive geotechnical data required to ensure that the building was fit for purpose.

It was designed to maximise the investment for the client creating flexibility with the potential to have multiple tenants. Three separable Office Warehouse tenancies can be easily formed into one tenancy.

The built form is sleek, simple and timeless providing a cost effective solution to the building whilst maintaining high quality materials and finishes.

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