We are an established local design and construction business with extensive experience in the delivery of quality commercial projects, operating since 1999. During this time and in recent years, one successful part of our business has been the design and construction of many school and education facilities, in excess of 50 school projects carried out since 2007. These have a total project value of $100 million making us, we believe, a premier educational design and construction firm.

Educational facilities are distinct in that they have a multitude of users who occupy them during their life, often with varying needs. This requires attention to detail as well as consideration for adaption and the likely future needs of the facilities and the school. TSDB have been used for early master planning on a large percentage of our school projects. This upfront master planning has provided the school with best use of their site and design resolution of services and infrastructure for the life of the site, reducing likely rework later for future expansion and development.

Tonkin Schutz design build specialises in planning, designing and building industrial construction projects. Our wealth of experience in every phase of development results in effcient and intelligent design that maximises your investment both immediately and long-term.


Industrial Design and Construction projects include;

- Defence Buildings

- Factories and Foundries

- Warehousing and Distribution

- Retail and Offices

- Logistics

- Civil Buildings


Contact us for more information, or if you wish to see some more of our work please view our Project Porfolio.

Tonkin Schutz design build develop up-market commercial projects that combine design excellence with cost-effectiveness, and superior short and long-term usability. Our unique approach maximises your investment and ensures you receive exactly what was promised.


Commercial design and construction projects include;

- Offices

- Schools and Educational Structures

- Retail and Hospitality Buildings

- Institutional Buildings

- Sporting and Recreational Structures

- Hospitals and Health Care

- Auditoriums and Religious Buildings


Contact us for more information or if you wish to see some more of our work please view our Project Portfolio.