Tonkin Schutz design build offer a wide-range of services across the industrial, commercial and residential construction sectors, including work for DPTI on government projects.

Our encompassing capabilities and services extend across each of the following development phases:

  • Site Selection and Property Advice
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Design and Approvals
  • Construction
  • Fitout and Refurbishments
  • Property Management

We also have our own Trade Division
undertaking a wide range of services:

  • Demolition Site-Works
  • Earthworks and Civil Works
  • Underground Services
  • Concrete Footings, Floors and Scaffolding
  • Precast and Tilt-Up Panels
  • Structural Steel
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Carpentry and Fit-Out Services

When to Enlist Our Services

Tonkin Schutz design build encourage clients to bring us into the project as early as possible, to gain the most advantage from our approach and expertise. This is because, as demonstrated in the graph below, the more your project has progressed, the more you have invested in it and the more costly it will be to make any corrections. We aim to ensure projects are well planned from the beginning.

It is because of our encompassing expertise and experience that we manage to protect clients from unforeseen issues and maximise their investment.

The traditional model where each phase is performed by a number of different independent parties, makes it difficult for things to progress smoothly, as each party has little contact with each other, or only comes into contact with the next party during transition from one phase to the next. This means the architects only have contact with the builders once the plans are complete, while at Tonkin Schutz design build, they can consult the construction workers (as well as the legal, feasibility and fabrication experts) as the plans are developed.

This ensures continuity, efficiency and certainty in meeting the project's objectives.

Because we always have clear insight into the entire process, and expertise from each level in each phase, it makes it much easier for us to ensure we don’t overlook anything.

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Gavin Tonkin
Managing Director

Gavin is the business founder and hands-on Managing Director for Tonkin Schutz, who through both his professional design and construction experiences, has developed a successful one stop design & construct business.

He has expertise in many facets of the design and development process including master planning and future proofing, building rules and statutory compliance, design and buildability smarts and leads the team in quality value for money solutions which meet the varying client needs.

Gavin is a strong leader and manages his company to provide a successful balance of professional, technical and trade-based personnel enabling the company to design excellence with cost efficiency and shape our client’s vision into reality.


img gavin

Matthew Swinburne
Operations Manager

Matthew is the Operations Manager for Tonkin Schutz who brings a wealth of Design and Construct experience to your project.

Matthew has a strong background in both Architecture and Construction and is a registered Architect and previously filled the role of Senior Design Manager for Baulderstone (Lend Lease) for 6 years.

Matthew has the required skills, expertise and experience to oversee the processes of both Design & Construct for the Head Contractor as well as add value to your project at the front end. He consistently delivers value for money to clients within budget and on schedule. Matthew also has a solid background in quality management and team management.

With this diverse range of technical ability and management experience Matthew is a highly valued member of the Tonkin Schutz team.

Tonkin Schutz design build manage and perform every step of your design and construction project in-house - from site selection and feasibility studies, to applying that last coat of paint. We even fabricate our own steel, concrete panels and aluminum windows.

Tonkin Schutz design build maximise your investment with intelligent design and superior efficiency, arising from experience, integrity and a unique hands-on approach.

This all-in-one system means three things:

Superior operational and cost efficiencies

Our vast experience and expertise makes us more efficient at each task, while our ability to do almost everything in-house minimises the need for bringing in third-parties and cuts out the middle-man. This saves on time and cost in every stage of development, and we pass these savings on to our clients.

Experience and inside knowledge in all areas of development

Our hands-on approach not only ensures that we can give you the best advice, but it also means that each of our experienced employees benefit from the practical knowledge of the rest of the team. For example, we know exactly how much materials will cost, the legal implications of each option, and how the construction workers will approach each specification. This means they can make the best decision every time, with no unpleasant surprises.

Ability to deliver exactly what we promise

Due to our all-encompassing experience and control, we can give you accurate and rapid appraisals, and then ensure that what we say is what you get. For example, traditionally, projects are costed by a third-party quantity consultant, who estimates costs by the book. When the project is given to the subcontractors who actually source the materials and perform the labour, what you end up paying can vary dramatically from the original estimate. Because we fabricate and source our own materials, and perform our own labour, we can ensure inaccuracies like this don’t happen.

In addition to these advantages, Tonkin Schutz design build have a long-term approach to developing products that are designed with intelligence and flexibility to meet both your immediate and future needs.

Our experience, foresight and efficiency deliver the best value-for-money, maximising your investment every time - as is evident from our many repeat clients.

Please note that because of our encompassing service, the sooner in your project planning you come to us, the more we can benefit you and maximise your investment. To find out how early you can bring us on board, please visit our capabilities page.